Sustainability in mind works with sustainability through our procurement and processing of machinery and equipment by following and maintaining a high standard.

Redesign – Recycling – Rebuilding – Renovation is all about minimizing the use of feed additives, as well as protecting our environment and thereby our common future.

Raw materials – iron and metal – recycled, engines refurbished and components recycled. All along with one in mind: Recycling.

The rebuilding industry is part of the global – sustained conversion – for a better environment for all. Through their utilization and recycling of machines and engines. is a part of and supports. This through the manufacture and design of our rebuilding machines and equipment. To an ever larger market of used engines and equipment.

Denmark is one of the leading countries in terms of recycling, which we hope to spread throughout the globe. will do – help our industry – engine rebuilding – get the best solutions in machinery and equipment. – The advance of knowledges